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Chickens are a core gameplay feature in Realm Royale. No, really.

When a player loses all their hit points, they are turned into Chickens. Through the power of shards Downed players will automatically revive from chicken status after 20 seconds. Chickens have 700 Health and are able to double jump. Chickens can deal 75 damage with a melee peck attack and will have a special dash movement, which deals 250 damage and can be used once per Chicken life. If a player is defeated again as a chicken they will die. Each player can be defeated and turned into a chicken up to 3 times. Being defeated for the fourth time will cause the player to die instead. However, if the dead player is playing duo or squad, living teammates can forge a resurrection scroll. The cost of this depends, on how many players they are reviving, the quantity of kills of your squad and depending on the amount of alive players left in your match. Once the scroll is finished forging, all dead players will turn into chickens again, revive, and be back with all their loot and all their 3 filled up Chicken lifes.

Defeated players will drop all the weapons and items (potions and abilities) ,your items you were carrying will be given back to you whenyou revive from being chickened from your teammates resurrection. Your loot that you carrycaround their death point will stay there. Defeated chickens also drop a pile of Shards Shards equal to how many they were carrying, which are used in crafting at the forge.

The chicken system is based on Pip's Ultimate ability called Evil Mojo from the game Paladins.

Chicken Skins[]



Icon Chicken Default.png

Chicken Default.png

Default Chicken Skin

Great Eggscape


Icon Chicken GreatEggscape.png

Chicken Great Eggscape.png



Icon Chicken Cracked.png

Chicken Cracked.png



Icon Chicken Hatchling.png

Chicken Hatchling.png

Missing Link


Icon Chicken MissingLink.png

Chicken Missing Link.png



Icon Chicken Quackers.png

Chicken Quackers.png



Icon Chicken Alpha.png

Chicken Alpha.png

Alpha Pack



Icon Chicken Sprinkles.png

Icon Chicken Nitro.jpeg

Earned by purchasing Discord Nitro Bundle



Icon Chicken Jailbird.png

Chicken Jailbird.png


Keemstar Gnome


Icon Chicken KeemstarGnome.png

Chicken Keemstar Gnome.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Waddles.png

Chicken Waddles.png

Shop Rotation (500 Currency Crowns.png)

Mr. Fluffles


Icon Chicken MrFluffles.png

Chicken Mr. Fluffles.png

Shop Rotation (500 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Cluckomorph.png

Chicken Cluckomorph.png

Shop Rotation (500 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Shadowbeak.png

Chicken Shadowbeak.png

Gummy Bok


Icon Chicken GummyBok.png

Chicken Gummy Bok.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Scallywag.png

Chicken Scallywag.png

Boktousai the Chickenslayer


Icon Chicken BoktousaiTheChickenslayer.png

Chicken Boktousai the Chickenslayer.png

His Royal Highness I


Icon Chicken HisRoyalHighness1.png

Chicken His Royal Highness I.png

His Royal Highness II


Icon Chicken HisRoyalHighness2.png

Chicken His Royal Highness II.png

His Royal Highness III


Icon Chicken HisRoyalHighness3.png

Chicken His Royal Highness III.png

His Royal Highness IV


Icon Chicken HisRoyalHighness4.png

Chicken His Royal Highness IV.png

His Royal Highness V


Icon Chicken HisRoyalHighness5.png

Chicken His Royal Highness V.png



Icon Chicken Primarch.png

Chicken PS4.png

PS4 Founder's Pack



Icon Chicken Executioner.png


Xbox Founder's Pack



Icon Chicken Adventurer.png


Switch Founder's Pack

La Creme


Icon Chicken LaCreme.png

Chicken La Creme.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Bokserker.png

Chicken Bokserker.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Mittens.png

Chicken Mittens.png

Twitch Prime (Desert Dragon-Neith Pack)
25. March - 24. April



Icon Chicken R0B0K.png

Chicken R0B0K.png

BattleBok I


Icon Chicken BattleBok1.png

Chicken BattleBok I.png

BattleBok II


Icon Chicken BattleBok2.png

Chicken BattleBok II.png

BattleBok III


Icon Chicken BattleBok3.png

Chicken BattleBok III.png

Majestic Peabok


Icon Chicken MajesticPeabok.png

Chicken Majestic Peabok.png

Festive Egg


Icon Chicken FestiveEgg.png

Chicken Festive Egg.png

Shop Rotation (500 Currency Crowns.png)

Count Bokula


Icon Chicken CountBokula.png

Chicken Count Bokula.png

Frozen Forebearer


Icon Chicken FrozenForebearer.png

Chicken Frozen Forebearer.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)

Beat Boks


Icon Chicken BeatBoks.png

Chicken Beat Boks.png

Mr. Snuggles


Icon Chicken MrSnuggles.png

Chicken Mr. Snuggles.png

Shop Rotation (500 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Chomper.png

Chicken Chomper.png

Chirpy Cherub I


Icon Chicken ChirpyCherub1.png

Chicken Chirpy Cherub I.png

Chirpy Cherub II


Icon Chicken ChirpyCherub2.png

Chicken Chirpy Cherub II.png

Chirpy Cherub III


Icon Chicken ChirpyCherub3.png

Chicken Chirpy Cherub III.png



Icon Chicken Freeagle.png

Chicken Freeagle.png



Icon Chicken Cuddles.png

Chicken Cuddles.png

Log in during the 1st Anniversary of Realm Royale
(July 3, 2019 - July 19, 2019)

Royale Red


Icon Chicken RoyaleRed.png

Chicken Royale Red.png

Cat Nap


Icon Chicken CatNap.png

Chicken Cat Nap.png

Screamin' Weenie


Icon Chicken ScreaminWeenie.png

Chicken Screamin' Weenie.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Cluckmando.png

Chicken Cluckmando.png

Battle Pass (Gold: Level 10)
(BokOps / Season 5)

Special Boks


Icon Chicken SpecialBoks.png

Chicken Special Boks.png

Battle Pass (Gold: Level 45)
(BokOps / Season 5)

Sneakbeak I


Icon Chicken Sneakbeak1.png

Chicken Sneakbeak I.png

Battle Pass (Silver: Level 26)
(BokOps / Season 5)

Sneakbeak II


Icon Chicken Sneakbeak2.png

Chicken Sneakbeak II.png

Battle Pass (Gold: Level 27)
(BokOps / Season 5)

Sneakbeak III


Icon Chicken Sneakbeak3.png

Chicken Sneakbeak III.png

Battle Pass (Gold: Level 33)
(BokOps / Season 5)



Icon Chicken Boo.png

Chicken Boo!.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)

Bokking Dead


Icon Chicken BokkingDead.png

Chicken Bokking Dead.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)

HRX Chicken


Icon Chicken HRX2019.png

Chicken HRX2019.png

Lil Devil


Icon Chicken LilDevil.png

Chicken Lil Devil.png



Icon Chicken Bokagon.png

Chicken Bokagon.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)

Rubber Ducky


Icon Chicken RubberDucky.png

Chicken Rubber Ducky.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Chicken Gizmo.png

Chicken Gizmo.png

Shop Rotation (800 Currency Crowns.png)


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