Realm Royale Wiki

There are currently three Gamemodes in Realm Royale.


A mode where you fly solo. No teammates, just you and your gun against 99 other solos.


  • Try to improve your gunfights. Gaining accuracy and using abilities helps, since you are the only person you can count on to get you out of a situation.
  • Try to be third party an enemy after a fight, they will be extremely vulnerable.
  • Solo can make a pretty good sandbox to improve your skills.


A mode where teams of two play to the end with 49 other duos.


  • You only have one teammate. Make sure to stick by them, and forge a Resurrection Scroll.


A mode where teams of four battle it out against 24 other squads.


  • Be helpful to your squad, drop all those health potions you don’t need, and forge a Scroll of Resurrection for any dead squad mates.
  • In squads, it is crucial to stick with at least one person, since most other squads will be fully grouped up.
  • Play to your strengths. Sometimes a squad made up of only one or two Classes isn’t a bad thing, as long as all of you are good as that class


Custom Gamemodes are currently locked in beta development, but you can play a custom game if you have a code from the Developers.