Realm Royale Wiki

This is the history of Realm Royale.


This game was originally quite different from what it is know today. At its very beginning, this was originally a special game mode in Paladins called Paladins: Battlegrounds, which was in very early alpha stages.

In Battlegrounds, players were able to pick most of the champions in Paladins to go out into the map with your squad. In this version, each character was locked to their unique weapons. To upgrade their stats, players would have to collect and equip items in their inventory such as helmets, gloves, etc. The concept of chickens was born here, where they simply acted as a placeholder for the missing downed animations. The chickens were surpisingly popular amongst fans, which led to them becoming an iconic part of the game.

Eventually the developers decided that the game mode had potential to be more than just that, so it was ported as a standalone Free to Play game. This game would be named Realm Royale.

The game was first released into its Alpha stage. While still using many Paladins assests, the game began to diverge with unique characters and gameplay aspects. The game managed to atract over 100,000 players on alpha's release, this being before cross play was enabled. While the momentum died down in the following months, the game continued on expanding until it reached its Beta status. Since Beta, a class, Engineer was removed from the game. Eventually cross play was added. Currently, players are able to play with anyone on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Realm Royale had its first birthday on July 3rd, 2019. A new chicken skin was released to celebrate the occation, given for free to anyone who logged in between July 3 to July 19, 2019.