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a Legendary Loot Chest

Legendary Loot Chests are high tier chests dropped by the Zeppelin containing Epic and Legendary gear. They contain multiple Epic and Legendary Class-based Weapons, Weapons unique to just Legendary Chests, Runes, and Abilities. Finding one is the hard part, but opening up the Map will reveal all unopened Legendary Loot Chests dropped on the map. Be careful though, Legendary Loot Chests can have many “treasure seekers”, or people who also are looking for that Chest!

Tips for Securing a Legendary Chest[]

  • If you see a Legendary Chest far away, use a nearby Catapult to fling yourself toward the Chest.
  • If you are playing Duo or Squad, place a Map Marker on the Chest to make sure your team knows where you are.
  • Be sure to look out for Treasure Seekers near your Legendary Loot Chest, they can easily overwhelm you when you have your back turned.