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Loading Screens are cosmetic items in Realm Royale that allow players to customize the background image used during the loading time before joining a game.

Loading Screens[]



Icon Loading Default.png

Loading Default.png


Primal Warrior


Icon Loading PrimalWarrior.png

Loading PrimalWarrior.png

The Realm


Icon Loading TheRealm.png

Loading TheRealm.png



Icon Loading Raptors.png

Loading Raptors.png



Icon Loading Marksman.png

Loading Marksman.png

Arcane Acolyte


Icon Loading ArcaneAcolyte.png

Loading ArcaneAcolyte.png



Icon Loading Craftsman.png

Loading Craftsman.png



Icon Loading Freefall.png

Loading Freefall.png

Wolf Pack


Icon Loading WolfPack.png

Loading WolfPack.png

Full Throttle


Icon Loading FullThrottle.png

Loading FullThrottle.png

Mekka Mage


Icon Loading MekkaMage.png

Loading MekkaMage.png

Rarin' for a Fight


Icon Loading RarinForAFight.png

Loading RarinForAFight.png

R0B0K Rally


Icon Loading R0B0KRally.png

Loading R0B0KRally.png

Gangs All Here


Icon Loading GangsAllHere.png

Loading GangsAllHere.png

The Eternal Conflict


Icon Loading TheEternalConflict.png

Loading TheEternalConflict.png

Rough Riders


Icon Loading RoughRiders.png

Loading RoughRiders.png

Ride or Die


Icon Loading RideOrDie.png

Loading RideOrDie.png

Flood and Bound


Icon Loading FloodAndBound.png

Loading FloodAndBound.png

Guntown Angel


Icon Loading GuntownAngel.png

Loading GuntownAngel.png

Desecrated Succubus


Icon Loading DesecratedSuccubus.png

Loading DesecratedSuccubus.png

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