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Forging in Realm Royale allows players to craft Epic or Legendary weapons, items and Abilities. To forge gear, players must use a forge, located in each of the forge landmarks on the map.

Items can be Disenchanted for Shards which can be used to Forge. Only potions can not be disenchanted. Players can carry a maximum of 300  shards.

Shards can be used at the forge to craft the most powerful class items. Players can also craft potions with shards. Epic or better Class Weapons require  90 shards to be crafted (unless skills take away 20 less shards). Abilities are also randomly Class Abilities when forged but will not drop duplicates of legendary items the player currently has equipped. Runes will also not drop duplicates, but will forge a rune whether you have a full set or not. Potions require  15 shards.

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