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Map Marker Skins are cosmetic items in Realm Royale earned through the Battle Pass. Equipping one will replace the a beacon's look on the map for you and your team to see. However, it does not change the color, that is randomized among your squadmates.

Map Markers[]



Icon None.png

MapMarker Default.png


Orbital Marker


Icon MapMarker OrbitalMarker.png

MapMarker Orbital Marker.png

Voxel Marker


Icon MapMarker VoxelMarker.png

MapMarker Voxel Marker.png

God Rays


Icon MapMarker GodRays.png

MapMarker God Rays.png

Unholy Beam


Icon MapMarker UnholyBeam.png

MapMarker Unholy Beam.png

Orbital Cannon


Icon MapMarker OrbitalCannon.png

MapMarker Orbital Cannon.png

Missile Launch


Icon MapMarker MissileLaunch.png

MapMarker Missile Launch.png

Battle Pass (Gold: Level 25)
(BokOps / Season 5)

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