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The Pistol is one of the weapons available in Realm Royale. It comes in Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary variants. The Pistol fires in a semi-automatic fashion and has quick reload speed. However, it is best for close range combat. This weapon is based on Strix's Side Arm Pistol from the game Paladins.

Stats per rarity[]

Rarity Icon Ammo Reload time Shots per second (SPS) Damage Damage per second (DPS) Projectile speed Bullet-drop Damage-falloff Element
Common Pistol
15 1 5 165 618.8 Hitscan No Yes /
Rare Pistol
15 1 5 180 675 Hitscan No Yes /
Epic Pistol
15 1 5 195 731.3 Hitscan No Yes /
Legendary Pistol
15 1 5 210 787.5 Hitscan No Yes /


  • The semi-automatic pistol resembles the Luger P08 pistol used by Germany during the World Wars I and II.
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