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Ranking is a system in Realm Royale.

Ranking is based on the player's placement in their top 50 matches in a given playlist (even if they haven't played 50 matches, they will still receive a rank based on the placement in all of the current matches). Players can only work their way up the ranks by placing higher and higher in matches, and cannot fall over time. Once a player has reached 50 wins, they will reach the rank of Master, and the game will also track the sum of the top 50 highest kill wins in that playlist. Use to see your stats by searching your name.

Rank tiers and divisions


RankIcon Bronze 1.png
RankIcon Silver 1.png
RankIcon Gold 1.png
RankIcon Platinum 1.png
RankIcon Diamond 1.png
RankIcon Grandmaster.png
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Master


Each rank tier except for Master has 5 divisions. Master only has one division.

RankIcon Bronze 5.png
RankIcon Bronze 4.png
RankIcon Bronze 3.png
RankIcon Bronze 2.png
RankIcon Bronze 1.png
RankIcon Silver 5.png
RankIcon Silver 4.png
RankIcon Silver 3.png
RankIcon Silver 2.png
RankIcon Silver 1.png
RankIcon Gold 5.png
RankIcon Gold 4.png
RankIcon Gold 3.png
RankIcon Gold 2.png
RankIcon Gold 1.png
RankIcon Platinum 5.png
RankIcon Platinum 4.png
RankIcon Platinum 3.png
RankIcon Platinum 2.png
RankIcon Platinum 1.png
RankIcon Diamond 5.png
RankIcon Diamond 4.png
RankIcon Diamond 3.png
RankIcon Diamond 2.png
RankIcon Diamond 1.png

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