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Closed Alpha 13 Globalization | October 26, 2018

CA13 PatchBanner.jpg


  • Brazil, Asia/Pacific Rim, and Australia servers are now available
  • To improve the quality of our matchmaking experience, we've removed timed queues
  • To address player concerns about waiting too long for a game, we've introduced a system that will fill matches with AI opponents if certain conditions are met
  • All forges will now be active each game

Map Updates

  • Changed chest model from gold chest to normal chest
  • Added Runic Stones to the environment


  • Now has damage falloff over range
  • Venom Pistol
  • Improved weapon handling
  • “The Venom Pistol is a very effective weapon in terms of damage throughput but in practical situations it was very difficult to consistently land all three shots. We have made some changes to make the Venom Pistol feel more consistent.”
  • Fire Bomb
  • Damage no longer scales based on target’s maximum health
  • “It will now always deal the same damage to all enemies, chickens will no longer take less damage, warriors will no longer take more damage.”
  • Reduced chicken speed by 10%
  • “While chickens should be able to escape with cunning play, it’s important that downing a player is a moment of triumph rather than a moment of frustration. Now the little cluckers will have to rely on quick wits, not quick feet.”
  • Potions
  • Potions can now be used while moving
  • Potions can no longer be interrupted by weapons or abilities
  • Reduced Potion casting time from 3 to 2 seconds
  • Armor Potions
  • Increased drop rate of Armor Potions from Potion chests by 100%
  • Reduced the cost of crafting Armor Potions from 25 to 15
  • Reduced starting armor from 500 to 0
  • Reduced value of Armor Potions from 500 to 300
  • Health Potions
  • Reduced value of Health Potions from 500 to 300