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Closed Alpha 14 Steel and Shadow | January 16, 2019

CA14 PatchBanner.jpg


  • Mastery System
  • Each class now has access to a Mastery loadout
  • Players will start with the first 10 talents unlocked
  • As one gains Mastery Experience with a Class, more talents will be unlocked and become available for use
  • A mastery loadout consists of three categories of talents:
  • Three major talents consisting of weapons, abilities, and movement
  • Three forge talents consisting of weapons, abilities, and movement
  • Four general talents consisting of healing, shards, chickens, and speed
  • There are a total of four talent options for each of the ten talent slots
  • The previous system of class bonuses has been removed and many of those bonuses have become talents
  • Chicken Nugget Removal
  • “We introduced the Chicken Nugget currency system as an experiment to test collecting a new type of currency in-match. We appreciate everyone who gave us feedback on this system! Now that we are moving into the Beta phase with a strong content pipeline on the horizon, we are discontinuing the use of Chicken Nuggets as a currency in Realm Royale in the Steel and Shadow Patch. For players that currently have the currency when the game is updated, Chicken Nuggets will be converted to Crowns at a conversion rate of 10% when the new patch releases.”

New Battle Pass: BP2 SilverEmblem.png Steel and Shadow BP2 GoldEmblem.png

  • 80 levles of unlockable content bearing an age-old rivalry: Pirates vs. Ninjas!
  • Unlock the premium track of the Battle Pass for 950 Crowns, or unlock the Battle Bundle, which contains the premium track and 35 immediate levels, for 2,750 Crowns!

New to the Shop


Rainbow Pack
Rainbow Pack.png
Release Date:
  • January 19, 2019


  • 3000 Currency Crowns.png



Breakdance Emote
Icon Emote Breakdance.png
Release Date:
  • January 19, 2019


  • 450 Currency Crowns.png


  • Has been added to the game
  • Will drop at all rarities
  • Has been added to the game
  • Will drop at all rarities
  • No longer drops at Common and Rare rarities
  • Refire rate increased by 35%
  • Damage reduced by 10%
  • No longer drops at Common and Rare rarities
  • No longer drops at Common and Rare rarities
  • No longer drops at Common and Rare rarities
  • Now only drops from Legendary Chests and Loot Goblins
  • Refire rate increased by 20%
  • Damage reduced by 10%
  • Refire rate increased by 30%
  • Damage reduced by 20%
  • Venom Pistol
  • Refire rate increased by 15%
  • Damage reduced by 5%
  • Fixed a bug where Legendary Venom Pistols did 200% damage on headshots instead of 150% damage
  • Bonuses attached to Legendary version of abilities have been removed
  • The cooldowns of all abilities have been increased across the board, primarily affecting lower rarity abilities
  • “The introduction of the talent system allows players to make adjustments to their abilities in powerful ways. Our goal in future patches is to ensure that abilities become more impactful instead of being more frequent.”
  • Blast Arrow
  • Cooldowns increased to 32/28/24/20
  • Concussion Grenade
  • Cooldowns increased to 32/28/24/20
  • Fire Bomb
  • Cooldowns increased to 32/28/24/20
  • Flare
  • Cooldowns increased to 32/28/24/20
  • Healing Shout
  • Cooldowns increased to 40/35/30/25
  • Healing Totem
  • Cooldowns increased to 40/35/30/25
  • Ice Block
  • Cooldowns increased to 32/28/24/20
  • Ice Wall
  • Cooldowns increased to 32/28/24/20
  • Net Shot
  • Cooldowns increased to 32/28/24/20
  • Proximity Trap
  • Cooldowns increased to 40/36/32/28
  • Sensor Drone
  • Cooldowns increased to 40/36/32/28
  • Shielding Shout
  • Cooldowns increased to 40/35/30/25
  • Smoke Screen
  • Cooldowns increased to 40/35/30/25
  • Flask of Healing
  • Cooldown increased to 40/35
  • Turret
  • Has been added to the game
  • Only drops from Legendary Chests and Loot Goblins
  • Barricade
  • Cooldown increased to 24
  • Now only drops from Legendary Chests and Loot Goblins
  • Shielding Potion
  • Cooldown increased to 40/36
  • Now only drops from Legendary Chests and Loot Goblins


  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • General
  • Updated female animations and models to account for changes to the model
  • The Captain of the Zeppelin’s invisibility spell has worn off. He can now be found at the helm
  • Quests can now be seen while in the Zeppelin during the warmup phase of the game
  • Picking up a Rune now plays a confirmation effect
  • Players will now have the option to forge Abilities and Movement Abilities separately
  • Combat Experience Improvement
  • Reworked the controller aim acceleration to give players a better experience with rotating the camera and tracking targets
  • Various adjustments and tweaks to aim assist with all weapons, especially at close range
  • Camera recoil feedback has been added on most weapons to improve the feel of recoil
  • Fixed an issue where projectile trails were not always lining up with the impact location
  • Improved clarity on weapon impacts
  • Improved hit feedback by adding blood visual effects
  • Refined placement of damage numbers
  • Improved clarity of headshot hit icons
  • Refined armor and health bars by adding animation
  • Improved audio clarity for positional feedback
  • Improved the responsiveness to the confirmation hit marker when your player damages another target
  • Improved placement of muzzle flashes across most weapons
  • Removed slight camera roll when strafing, based on community feedback
  • Sniper Rifle Improvement
  • Reworked the character recoil animation
  • The audio feedback for this weapon has been updated
  • The crosshair has been removed when using this weapon
  • Ammo count is no longer shown when scoped in, since the clip size is 1
  • Bug Fixes
  • Abilities
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't swap weapons or ADS while using the ability Hidden
  • Fixed an issue where Charge wasn't damaging the Loot Goblin
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Bomb was not showing in kill feed
  • Gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where players could ADS while using an Emote
  • Fixed an issue where consuming a potion would be interrupted if the player had no armor when shot
  • Fixed an issue where reloading while mounted could cause animation issues
  • UI
  • Fixed an issue where wins were not being tracked on the Main Menu
  • Wins accrued while stats were untracked will be retroactively added to players stats
  • Fixed an issue with the UI would overlap when entering the Forge
  • Fixed an issue where the Banner UI for Runes would cover other UI Banners
  • Fixed an issue where the EULA had a few incorrect symbols displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the Loot Goblin UI would only show for the first Goblin found
  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory Keybind would not close the popup window
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible button was present on multiple screens that could be focused
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to change their reticle
  • Console
  • Fixed an issue where marks on the map would be offset from the cursor on Console
  • Fixed an issue where the Safe Frame Screen would have additional callout present
  • Fixed an issue where crossplay functionality would not disable when the option was changed in the menu
  • Environment
  • Fixed an issue with several floating buildings
  • Fixed several instances of floating trees and bushes
  • Audio
  • Fixed an issue with headshots giving correct audio feedback
  • Settings
  • Fixed an issue where settings would not save between game sessions
  • Fixed an issue that would invite the wrong player if the user had more than 1 page of friends online
  • Fixed an issue where Mouse Sensitivity would appear to be too slow when at a normal setting
  • Fixed an issue where the ADS sensitivity slider would not update your sensitivity
  • Players can now more quickly scroll through sliders
  • Misc
  • Fixed an issue where too many wind sound FX would play when skydiving
  • Fixed an issue where the Wandering Alchemist Skin ponytails would become locked in place and detach from the model