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Runes are modifiers in Realm Royale that allow players to gain buffs and useful benefits such as bonus movement or reload speed. Runes are obtained from chests or can be forged in the forge for Shards 60 shards. Players can equip up to 6 unique runes, they can also be disenchanted. The system was introduced in the Early Access 8 update.

Lists of Runes in the Game[]

Here are the available Runes in the game:

Icon ChickenSpeed.png

Chicken Speed Rune

Move 25% Faster while you are a chicken.

Icon ChickenHealth.png

Chicken 1 UP! Rune

Get an extra Chicken life.

Icon ChickenHealth.png

Chicken Health Rune

Gain 800 health while you're a chicken.


Total Chicken 700 Health => 1500 Health
Icon HealingDealt.png

Healing Increase Rune

Gain +50% Healing.

Icon Lifesteal.png

Lifesteal Rune

Gain 30% Lifesteal.

Icon ArmorPotion.png

Armor Potion Rune

Increase the effectiveness of Armor Potions by 50%.

Icon CCProtection.png

CC Protection rune

Reduce the duration of Crowd Control and Knockbacks by 75%.

Icon WeaponDamage.png

Weapon Damage Rune I

Gain 15% increased Weapon Damage.

Icon Headshot.png

Headshot Rune I

Gain 50% Headshot Damage.

Icon Reload.png

Reload Rune

Gain 25% Reload Speed.

Icon MountSpeed.png

Mount Speed Rune

Gain 20% Mount Speed.

Icon MovementSpeed.png

Movement Rune

Increase your movement speed by 20%.

Icon Cooldown.png

Movement Cooldown Rune

Reduce the cooldown of movement abilitites by 25%.

Icon Cooldown.png

Offensive Ability Cooldown Rune

Reduce the cooldown of offensive abilitites by 25%.

Icon Cooldown.png

Support Ability Cooldown Rune

Reduce the cooldown of support abilitites by 25%.

Icon Repair.png

Passive Repair Rune

Repair 10 armor per second.

Temporarily removed[]

Icon ReviveTime.png

Revive Time Rune

Revive from being a chicken 5s faster.


Revive time from 20 seconds => 15 seconds