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The Stone Staff is one of the weapons available in Realm Royale. It comes in Epic and Legendary variants. The Stone Staff fires its bullets in bursts of 3. This weapon is based on Inara's Spear from the game Paladins. It’s slow burst and high damage rate of fire makes it a powerful mid range weapon, but will put you at a disadvantage at any other range.

Talents connected with the Stone Staff[]

Class Level Category Icon Name Description
Mage Class Free Weapon Mage Talent Mage's Arsenal Mage's Arsenal Deal 20% more damage with Stone Staves, Frost Staves, and Bolt Staves.
Mage Class 16 Weapon Mage Talent Strength of Stone Strength of Stone Stone Staves will deal 300 bonus damage if all 3 shots connect.
Mage Class 17 Weapon Forge Mage Talent Forge Stone Staff Forge Stone Staff Your first forged Weapon is guaranteed to be a Stone Staff.

Stats per rarity[]

Rarity Icon Ammo Reload time Shots per second (SPS) Damage Damage per second (DPS) Projectile speed Bullet-drop Damage-falloff Element
Epic Stone Staff
5 1.5 1.8 250 ? ? No Yes /
Legendary Stone Staff
5 1.5 1.8 280 ? ? No Yes Fire Element

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