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The Throwing Axe is one of the weapons available in Realm Royale. It comes in Epic and Legendary variants.This weapon acts as a close range weapon for Warrior that fires in an arch. This weapon is based on Grover's Throwing Axe from the game Paladins.

Talents connected with the Throwing Axe[]

Class Level Category Icon Name Description
Warrior Class Free Weapon Warrior Talent Warrior's Arsenal Warrior's Arsenal Deal 20% more damage with Throwing Axes, Swords, and Heavy Hammers.
Warrior Class 6 Ability Warrior Talent Game Grover Game Grover Throwing Axes will deal up to 40% increased damage over range.
Warrior Class 7 Weapon Forge Warrior Talent Forge Throwing Axe Forge Throwing Axe Your first forged weapon is guaranteed to be a Throwing Axe.

Stats per rarity[]

Rarity Icon Ammo Reload time Shots per second (SPS) Damage Damage per second (DPS) Projectile speed Bullet-drop Damage-falloff Element
Epic Throwing Axe
/ 0.9 800 720 600 Yes No /
Legendary Throwing Axe
/ 0.9 875 787.5 600 Yes No Fire Element

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